Answers about Islamic Calendar

What is Islamic Calendar?

Islamic calendar, Muslim Calendar or Hijri calendar (AH) is purely a lunar calendar.

The Hijri calendar consists 12 months in a year of 354 or 355 days. Because of lunar year calculation, the Gregorian calendar is not synchronized with the Hijri calendar and that’s why there are 10-11 days difference happens each year between these two calendars.

However, in every 33 years, the date of Gregorian calendar repeats in Islamic calendar, i.e – a date of a Muslim event in Gregorian calendar will come in a same date after every 33 years. Muslims typically call the calendar as Hijri Calendar.

Hijri calendar is followed in the Muslim countries to determine the Muslim events in the year such as Ramadan, Hajj and all the other Islamic festivals and special days.

What is Hijri year? Starting of Islamic year 

Hijri year is the year Calendar era used in the Islamic calendar. Reas more

Hijri year is the year Calendar era used in the Islamic calendar. Read more

What are the 12 months of Islamic Calendar?

The 12 months of Islamic calendar are named in Arabic.  Click here for the name of the Hijri months.

When Islamic days begin?

Islamic days begin after the sunset. Read more

The Islamic and a lunar calendar

The Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar where the Gregorian is a solar.Read more

The exact dates of Islamic holidays

A Muslim month is started after sight of the new moon by the necked eye. Read more

Uses of Islamic Calendar

Islamic calendar is primarily used for religious purpose.Read more