12 Rabi al-awwal 2014

Rabi al-awwal is 3th of the 12 important months of Islamic calendar and 12 Rabi al-awwal is the most important days of Rabi al-awwal month. 12 Rabi al-awwal is considered as the most blessed and significant days of Islamic history. Muslims of the world observes this day as the birth day of Holy and last Prophet of Islam Mohammad (S.A.W).

When is the 12 Rabi al-awwal in 2014?

12 Rabi al-awwal observed on Tuesday, 14th January of 2014.

Why 12 Rabi al-awwal is Important?

For Muslim community of all over the world 12 Rabi al-awwal is one of the most blessed and significant days. This day is significant especially for last and Holy Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W)’s birth anniversary. 12 Rabi al-awwal is also observed as the Prophet (S.A.W)’s death anniversary. That is why 12 Rabu al-awwal bears special importance to Muslim community.

How 12 Rabi al-awwal is observed?

12 Rabi al-awwal is observed with proper solemnity and religious mood in all over the Muslim world. On 12 Rabi al-awwal Muslims of some countries arranges some religious programs like ‘milad mahfil’, ‘Quran Tilawat’ etc. Muslims of some other countries arranges special procession on 12 Rabi al-awwal. Other reguler good acts like prayer, fasting, donating money and feeding poor are done by almost all Muslims of the world.


Rabi al-awwal month is regarded as the most important months and 12 rabi al-awwal is regarded as the most important days of Islamic calendar. Birth of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) is the most important events of Islamic history to the Muslim community of the world and it observed with great excitement and religious mood.