13 Rajab 2014

Rajab is one the most sacred and auspicious month of Islamic calendar. There is total 12 month in the calendar and Rajab is 7th of them. 13day of Rajab is observed as the birth day of Ali ibn Abi Talib, an important personality of Islam by Muslim countries of the world.

When is the 13 Rajab in 2014?

13 Rajab will be observed on Tuesday, 13th May, 2014.

Why 13 Rajab is Important?

13 Rajab is important for the birthday of Ali ibn Abi Talib as he was the cousin as well as son-in-law of great Prophet of Islam Mohammad. Moreover, He was the son of Abu Talib and considered as the first male Muslim as he was accepted Islam first. Ali was also first ‘Imam’ and fourth and last ‘Khalif’ of Islam. He is an important personality in Islam so as to his birth day.

How 13 Rajab is observed?

13 Rajab is observed with the religious favor by Muslims of all over the world. Most of the Muslims countries observe 13 Rajab as a government holiday. People of Muslim countries wake whole night on 13 Rajab and pray extra namaz, doa and recites Quran. Some countries like Bangladesh there are a practice of feeding poor people on 13 Rajab. Muslims of the world also donate money or food to mosque or poor people.


13 Rajab is widely regarded as one of the most sacred and auspicious days of Islam. Muslims of the world observe this blessed day with religious mood. Ali ibn Abi Talib is an important personality of Islam. His birthday is also important to the Muslim world.