21 Ramadan 2014

21 Ramadan is one of the most important dates of Ramadan month, 9th month of Islamic calendar. This day bears important value in the life of Muslim community. 21 Ramadan is observed by Muslim world with proper honor and significance.

When is the 21 Ramadan in 2014?

21 Ramadan will be observed on Friday, 18th July of 2014.

Why 21 Ramadan is Important?

21 Ramadan is important for death anniversary of a very important personality of Islam Ali ibn Abu Talib. He was the cousin and son-in-law of Holy and last Prophet of Islam Mohammad (S.A.W). Ali ibn Abu Talib was injured by the sword and his death occurred for this injury.

How 21 Ramadan is observed?

21 Ramadan is observed as the death anniversary of 4th and last Caliph of Islam Ali ibn Abu Talib by the Muslims of all over the world. Muslim community arranges dua mahfil to observe 21 Ramadan. They also observe this day by extra prayers and different good acts.


21 Ramadan is an important day of 9th month of Islamic calendar Ramadan. 21 Ramadan is a significant day for the death of great personality of Islam Ali ibn Abu Talib. Muslim community