22 Rajab 2014

Rajab is the seventh month of Islamic calendar and one of the most significant months of Islam. 22 Rajab is one of the most blessed and sacred day of Rajab month. Muslims of the world especially Muslims of South Asia such as Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal etc observe 22 Rajab with great solemnity.

When is the 22 Rajab in 2014?

22 Rajab will be observed on Thursday, 22th May of 2014.

Why 22 Rajab is Important?

22 Rajab is important especially because like other days of Rajab month this day also a very auspicious day. Muslims of the South Asia and other countries believe that they will be rewarded more than normal days for their good act. That is why 22 Rajab holds great significance and importance to them.

How 22 Rajab is observed?

22 Rajab is observed in different way in different Muslim countries of the world. Such as Muslims of South Asia arranges “Koonday” on 22 Rajab. Koonday means table cloth dinner. On this occasion discussions held on Allah and other Islamic history by the Muslims of South Asia. It is believed that observing 22 Rajab by arranging Koonday increases love and unity among Muslim community.

Other Muslims of the world observe 22 Rajab by praying namaz and reciting Quran whole night. Some of them also donate and feed poor.


22 Rajab is one of the most significant days of Rajab month, 7th month of Islamic Calendar. Muslim of South Asia observes this day in special way called Koonday. Muslim community of other countries also observes 22 Rajab with great solemnity.