Questions and Answers about Eid al-Adha

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An Qurbani be done 1 or 2 days after Eid al Adha?

Usually Qurbani can be done within 3 days of the Eid al Fitr but the best time to do it is on the day of Eid al Adha.

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Can Qurbani be done immediately after the sunset on 14th of October as the day of Eid al Adha starts on 14th October after sunset?

Qurbani should be done after the Eid al Adha prayer in the morning on the 15th  of October although the day starts on the 14th of October after the sunset.

Can an animal be shared for Qurbani among several people?

Yes, big animals like camel or cow can be shared among several persons but not more than seven.

The ritual of Qurbani started from which Prophet?

The great sacrifice that Muslims now follow as Qurbani was initiated by the Phophet Ibrahim (AM) by the order of Allah.

Can an injured animal be sacrificed for Qurbani in Eid al Adah?

The animal for the Qurbani in Eid al Adha should be well and free from any injury or disease. Sick or injured animal is not allowed for Qurbani.

Who should perform the Qurbani in Eid al Adha?

All adult men and women who have a financial ability need to perform the Qurbani on Eid al Adha.

Is it compulsory for a person to perform Qurbani who is in travel?

A person who is traveling is not obliged to perform Qurbani on Eid al Adha. However, if a traveling person can arrange Qurbani during his travel, it is fine. It is not forbidden to perform Qurbani during travel.