About Eid al Adha

Eid al Adha is a day to celebrate the great sacrifice of Prophet Abraham, that’s why this occasion is called a festival of sacrifice. Muslim people celebrate with a great joy, respect and dedication to Allah.

Story about Eid al Adha

Eid al Adha is a very memorable and historical day. Its history is absolutely true and very significant for the entire mankind. Once Prophet Abraham was ordered by Allah to give a sacrifice of his son an Abraham was ready to kill his son by himself. His son Ishmael was also ready. But at the right a lamb was sacrificed instead f Ishmael.

What Muslims do on this day?

First part of the day

People and children celebrate the entire day and day before and after Eid day with a great joy and full of activities. They start the day with a fresh bath and go to the Eid ul Adha prayer. After coming back they make the Qurbani (sacrifice).

Mid part of the day

Then they return home and have some food which is made at home by their mother sister and wife. Women also say Eid prayer and they cook different types of foods on Eid day. When the meats of Qurbani (sacrifice) come at home they begin to divide them into parts. Keeping one part for themselves they give the other parts among poor and their neighbors and relatives. Then they make different categories of food with the meat.

Last part of the day

After completing all the work and cooking all the Muslim male and female get ready and visit different places including nice parks or relative houses. Mostly they go for visiting relative’s house on Eid day. It increases their intimacy.