Eid ul adha dresses

Eid ul Adha is a happy festival of sacrifice for the Muslim peoples. They celebrate this day with different activities and Eid ul Adha dresses is a part the celebration. Every people on Eid wish to have new dresses. In these there are adding some new and extra ordinary versions of fashions and styles to the collections of Eid dresses.

Dresses for woman

Muslim woman loves to wear sari. They used to wear it occasionally but a huge number of them wear saloar kames (a Muslim wearing, it is also called kurta pajamas in India or Pakistan). A new trend in Muslim wearing is the “Gypsy” dresses (it is a long dress with a lot of clothes).Many of the Muslim women and girls wear “Burkha” (A Muslim women’s traditional and religious dress which maintains all the ways to maintain Hijab). Hijab is an ordered dress up system, for Muslim a woman which prevents to show their body others except the face.

Dresses for men

Muslim men normally wear Panjabi on Eid day to say prayer or as Eid fashion. They buy different categories of Panjabi such as short Panjabi (short in length up to knee) or long Panjabi (long up to under the knees).They also wear different types of t-shirts and jean’s pant. T-shirt is a very new trend for the young generations. They also wear formal shirt or pants.

Dresses for kids

Kids are very fond of new dresses. There are so many categories of kid’s dresses. Kids like to wear colorful dresses and the diversity of kids’ dresses is much more than the elders. Muslim girls wear different types of frocks, kames or other girl’s dresses. They also wear tops and skirts. Boys wear pants with different styles and t-shirts or shirts etc.