Eid ul adha for kids

Eid ul adha is a very pleasant occasion for the children mainly. Elders take this as a spiritual responsibility. This is an occasion to dedicate our most loving domestic animal like cow or goat to satisfy Allah to show our dedication to him.

What Kids think about Eid ul adha

This day is very meaningful for the elders but the kids are not able to understand the spiritual meanings. They take this day for unlimited fun. The boys love to see the Qurbani. This is a day for them when parents will tell them to study. They get a long vacation of minimum 7-9 days on this occasion from school. Their tuition teacher also remains on leave. So this is always an ultimate happy holiday of Eid ul adha for kids. Silent

What Kids do on Eid ul Adha

On this day kids are very used to wake up very early in the morning. They do many thing including making fun. Those are listed below.

  • Usually Kids first take a bath and wear new dresses on Eid day.
  • Taste some sweets which are made by their mother
  • Then they go for Eid prayer with their father and exchange greetings with their friend and relative their by hugging them.
  • Girls remain busy to dress up and to help her mother in cooking or to visit neighbors.
  • Come back from prayers they eat some tasty foods and go to see the Qurbani from far because it is dangerous for them to touch the heavy knifes.
  • Then kids favorite portion comes which is distributing meats into different parts. And one part is provided to them to distribute among the neighbors. They go to every house with some pieces of meat to provide them .They are unwilling to eat anything during doing so at the neighbors’ houses. But sometime their aunts force them to eat something.
  • After then kids are free to go out and make fun with their friends all day long.

What parents do for kids on Eid ul adha

Mainly parents keep eye on them so that they can’t do anything wrong. But they also purchase new dresses, shoes for them as they want on this occasion of Eid ul adha for kids. Cook their favorite foods and so on.