Eid ul Adha Greetings

Eid ul adha is the second biggest spiritual festival for Muslim mankind. They wait for this special day all the year and welcome it with exchanging greetings with one another. All the facts about Eid ul adha greetings are described below.

Eid ul adha greetings by cards

Mostly children exchange greetings on Eid ul adha by exchanging greeting cards. There so many types of greeting cards are available at market and their costs are different too. Not only the children but also elders use greeting cards to invite or exchanging Eid greetings. The types of greeting card are:

  • Eid Mubarak Card: it now the most popular greeting card on Eid festival.
  • Allah’s blessing Cards: This card contains some spiritual lines wishing your goodwill.
  • Friends Card: These cards are mostly the cheapest and used by the children.
  • Thank you Card: This is used to exchanging greeting with anyone if he has given you greeting card first.
  • Business Card: It is used to wish somebody intentionally for your business purposes not only as formality but also to increase the intimacy with them.

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Eid ul adha greetings by SMS

In today’s digital world everything has got digitalized even the Eid greetings too. Now the new generation passes Eid ul adha greetings through SMS in their mobile phone. They send SMS some like this:

“Today at the moment of happiness I want you to be the happiest person and wishing you many very happy return of the day. Eid Mubarak to you and to all your family. Please come tomorrow at my home. Again Eid Mubarak”.

They also try various poems or spiritual lines in their SMS to exchange greetings and to leave a good impression of them among their friend circle.