Eid ul adha meaning

Eid ul adha’s main beauty lies in its significant history of sacrifice. This Eid tells us how great a man’s (Prophet Abraham) devotion to Allah would be that he was to sacrifice his own son (Ishmael) for Allah’s satisfaction. Also the greatness of Almighty Allah was showed clearly that he didn’t want the life his child, he was just taking a test of his loyalty.

Eid ul adha, the greater Eid

Eid ul adha is the 2nd Eid festival for Muslim as Eid ul fitre is the 1st one. This is a pleasant occasion for today but there lays a great history related to it. The day of Eid ul adha meaning the sacrifices of beasts is also a public holiday around the world.

Actual meaning of Eid ul adha

‘Eid’ means happiness, festival and ‘adha’ means sacrifice. The combined meaning of ‘Eid ul adha’ stands for ‘festival of sacrifice’. It is a great pleasant day for entire Muslims.

Who made sacrifice

A sacrifice was to make by Prophet Abraham. He was going to sacrifice his own son by the name of Allah for Allah’s satisfaction. He was going to do so because he was ordered by Allah in his dream to sacrifice his most loving thing. Then he decided to sacrifice his Son Ishmael and Ishmael was also agreed. But at the moment when Ishmael was being sacrificed, Allah rained over them with blessing and a camel was sacrificed in place of Ishmael.

Who declared this as a festival

Our favorite Prophet and Allah’s best friend Holy Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) declared this day as a festival of sacrifice to remind people of that day and to use that day as example of sacrifice. From that day it has been being celebrated and will be celebrated to the end of the world.

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