Eid ul adha prayer

Eid ul adha is the 2nd biggest religious festival of Muslim. This day brings lots of happiness for both rich and poor. Rich become happy because they can make the sacrifice for Allah and they are also happy because of Zakat. By giving Zakat and sacrificing beasts they can earn Allah’s blessings. Poor are happy because they get the Zakat and meats of beasts from rich.

Eid ul adha prayer

It is one of the main works to be done on Eid day. Muslims do this as a Wajib. According to Imam Malik and Imam al-Shaafa’i Eid ul adha is a Sunnah mu’akkadah. It is a Fard Kifaya according to Imam Ahmed. Congregation is the main thing of prayer. People do this to bet Allah’s blessing. This prayer is Wajib on the entire Muslim men. But Women’s are not allowed to do so. But there are Imams in Islam. And people are also divided according to their follower. In this way some people grant women to go for the Eid ul adha prayer as it was done in the very past of Islam. They keep the place of prayer separate from one another.

Method of Prayer on Eid ul adha

The prayer is of tow Rakat. There are given the whole method step by step below.

  • First you have to make an intention by the name of Allah of doing two Ratat of Eid ul adha Salat (prayer) with six Takbir along with Imam standing behind him.

First Rakat:

  • You have to raise your hand when Imam will say “Allahu Akbar”.
  • You have to raise your hand 3 times before the reciting including Sura Fatiha at first from Holy Quran starts with the Imam’s saying “Allahu Akbar”. These are the 3 Takbir.
  • Then Listen to the recite of Holy Quran as the Imam recites.
  • Then go to Ruku when Imam says “Allahu Akbar’”.
  • Then you have to stand up saying “Sami Allahu liman Hamida” then say “Rabbana Lakal Hamd”. You have to say it in low voice.
  • Then go to Sujud position as Imam says “Allahu Akbar”. You have to 2 Sujud (prostrations)   in your Salat of Eid ul Adha.
  • First Rakat complete.

Second Rakat:

  • First Imam has to read some from Holy Quran including Sura Fatiha.
  • Then you have to make the other 3 Takbir before going to Ruku position with the Imam.
  • After third Takbir Go to Ruku when Imam says “Allahu Akbar”.
  • Then you have to stand up saying “Sami Allahu liman Hamida” then say “Rabbana Lakal Hamd”. You have to say it in low voice.
  • When the Imam says “Allahu Akbar”, go to Sujud position. You have to 2 sujud.
  • After completing all this you have sit for the Complete Tashshahud.
  • At least you have end your prayer with the Imam by saying “Assalamu alaikum wa Rahmatullah” by turning your by making Salam to both of your shoulders sides.
  • Then an important parts starts and it is Khutba. You should listen to it because it is very significant and you may know many unknown. You have to do this.
  • Then your Salat (Prayer) is over you may now make some wishes rising your hand to Allah with the Imam.
  • Now it’s complete.

Now you can wish your friend “Eid Mubarak” embracing them and go to the home and make the Qurbani (sacrifice).

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