Eid ul Adha Qurbani

To understand Eid ul adha qurbani and its significance you have to go many years back when the main sacrifice was to make by the Prophet Abraham .It was mainly start by Holy Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) as an essential religious custom in showing honor to Prophet Abraham.

Sacrifice of Prophet Abraham

One day he saw in his dream that Allah is ordering him to raise the foundation of Kaaba with a black stone which is the most Muslim shrine in Maccca (Saudi Arabia) and the entire Muslim Face to this direction during their prayers. Abraham rush for Macca with his wife and son, Ishmael. Then at the unfriendly desert Abraham has to face different difficulties to put that foundation. One night he dreamt that Allah wanted a sacrifice of his most loving thing. He thought many time and came in a decision that nothing is dearer to him than his son. So he told that to his son. Ishmael was a so much dedicated to Allah and also to his father. He agreed with his father. And the exact moment when Abraham was to sacrifice his son for Allah, a lamb was sacrificed in place of Ishmael. From that day this day is celebrated as a day of sacrifice after the Hajj.

Factors related qurbani

Qurbani is a way to Zakat and Zakat is Fardh for Muslims. There are some main factors related to Enid up ache qurbani. Those are like

  • Time of qurbani
  • Distribution of meat
  • Uses of beast’s skin
  • Selection of beasts
  • Method to qurbani

Time of qurbani

Qurbani should make after the prayer of Eid ul adha. Many people do it at the time of Fajr. The scarifies should make between the morning of the 10th Dhul Hijja to the sunset of  12th Dhul Hijja.The duration is bounded between Three days and two nights.

Distribution of meat

The meat of the beast which will come on your part has to divide into three parts. One part is for the poor and helpless people who have not the ability to make a qurbani. Another is for the neighbors and relatives. The least part is for yours.

Uses of beast’s skin

The beast’s skin has to sold at market at distribute the money from it among the poor people. Even the rope and cover which is used for the animal have to provide the poor.

Selection of beasts

There have to be careful about some facts when choosing animal. They are like

  • The beast should not be blind or one eyed, or lost one third or more of its eyesight.
  • It should not be without one third portion of its tail.
  • The beast should not be deaf by birth or cut ear off.
  • It should not be lame.
  • Its bone should be without marrow.
  • The beast’s horns should not be broken from root. But if it is without horns by birth and if the horns are broken one third portion, then it may be used.
  • It should not without any teeth.

Method of sacrifice

The beast has to lay down by its side and face toward Kaaba and cut open with a sharp knife, and its blood should drain away.