Eid ul Adha Wishes

Eid ul adha is a festival for sacrificing and showing our dedication to Allah, the greatest and kindest owner of the world who gives us life. All the Muslims celebrate this festival with sacrificing beasts and praying to Allah. They also wish our near and dear ones on this occasion through various ways and they are described below..

Eid ul adha wishes

Embracing after prayer and wishing each other saying “Eid Mubarak” is a traditional way for wishing. But also there are some trends related to Eid ul adha wishes to wishing your close friends and family member.

  • Providing greeting cards
  • Massaging quotes or wishes to each other mobile

Read How to Write Eid ul Adha Wishes 

Massaging quotes or wishes to each other by mobile

Nowadays teenagers as well as elders wish each other on Eid ul adha and other with passing massage with their mobile phone. They write there all type of thoughts and talking of heart in the massage and send it to their friends of special persons of friends such as if you are sending it to your best friend then you can write,

  • “Hi friend, As Eid is one of the best days of year but I wish all of your days will be same as the Eid day. Eid Mubarak. You must come tomorrow at my home.”
  • “As you are seeing the moon of Eid on the sky and it’s dazzling on your face. I hope it will keep lightening your mind through entire life. Eid Mubarak my dear.” (If you are sending it to your Loving one then you can write,- rewrite it)
  •  “Eid Mubarak. Be happy J…”, or “Wishing you a very happy Eid day. You must come tomorrow.  Eid Mubarak”. (You can also send a SMS by simply writing rewrite it)
  • “Mother ,as you are the most important person in my life,I want to to be the happiest parson on this Eid day. Eid Mubarak” (It may use to wish your mother,you may write or rewrite it )

Providing greeting cards

Providing greeting cards to each other is a very old but popular ways to exchanging Eid ul adha wishes. Kids as well as teenagers exchange greeting cards to wish happiness on this happy occasion. Every card contains some wishing lines from it making but we love to write some lines from our heart there to wish our near and dear ones. Our friends also become happy having the card. And it is natural that they will also give a return wishing card. Office mates also pass wishing card to wish each other. You have to write something smart and casual to your boss. Here are some examples how kids or elders write on the wishing card.

  •  “Eid Mubarak to you”. (Kids mainly write this in their card,you may also use it or add something to it)
  • “The star is shining and the moon is beaming. I’m sending all the lights of them to you with this card. Eid Mubarak”.(This may be used be the teenagers you can also write or rewrite it to send your dear one.
  • “In this holyday of Eid ul adha hope you and your family will pass their best time ever. Eid Mubarak”. (It may use to wish office boss but you can add or minus something from it to wish your boss).

The reason to wish on Eid ul adha

On Eid ul adha people usually wish each other to welcome to this special day and to wishing a very happy Eid to each other saying “Eid Mubarak”, this fascinating words stand for wishing all the blessings of Eid to the person. Eid means “Happiness” and Mubarak means “Blessing”. So saying this Muslims wishes happiness and blessing for some one.