Gifts for Eid

Eid is a very happy occasion for the entire Muslim. They also try to celebrate it forgetting the boundaries among religions. They try to involve their friend or workers into the festival. Thus they get closer to each other. They provide different gifts for Eid festival to their near and dear ones and celebrate.

Gifts for Eid

Gift is a very common thing on Eid. Relative often passes gifts among them to show their affection and care for their family and relatives. But Muslim rich also has a ritual to provide Zakat in the religion of Islam.

Zakat is the 5th of the main basic of Islam. It is a must (fard) for the rich Muslims who have the ability to make it. There is certain amount of money or gold on which Zakat has to be given by their owner to the poor relatives and other poor peoples. It’s not gift. They do it because it’s gives them to help people and for Allah’s satisfaction. It’s their responsibility too. But to the poor it’s a big gift for them which can give them much pleasure on the Eid occasion.

What can be provided as Gift for Eid

Gifts for Eid can of varieties of types:

  • All the Muslims prefers dresses, ornaments for girls, shoes, watches, sunglasses even silver coins in a very fine little bag.
  • Silver coin giving as gifts for Eid is very traditional. Gifts are very important for the children. They become very happy with the Eid gifts.
  • Not only the children but also elders love to have gifts for Eid purposes. If you gave a Sari (a women’s wear) to your mother of her favorite color then she would be the happiest person having gift from her child.
  • You can gifts for Eid to your father, he will be really happy. You can give a Panjabi (a Muslim men’s wear which is long to knees and much loose wear) or shoes which goes with his personality and choice.
  • You can give a set of bangles to your sister or a nice t-shirt to your brother. They will be very happy with these little gifts for Eid.
  • If you are a husband then you can provide a gorgeous or designed Sari to your wife with asset of ornaments matching with it.
  • If you are a wife then your best option may be a good designed or simple Panjabi along with a smart looking watch for your husband.

Gifts for non Muslims on Eid

You can also provide gifts to your non-Muslim friends or neighbors to make them participate with you on this great occasion. You can give them various things as gifts for Eid.

  • You can send a box filled with fruits and an Eid card to your non-Muslim friend’s or office mate’s houses to invite them to your house on Eid day.
  • You can also give a dress as gift to your friend On Eid ul adha thus he will also wear the dress on Eid day to make you happy and he will also be happy surely.
  • We should not look after only the Muslim neighbors but also the non-Muslims. Islam tells us to take caring of our neighbors, Muslim or non-Muslim. We can provide new dresses to our poor non-Muslim neighbors, thus they will take this as friendliness of yours and you will also be able to help them.
  • You can send sweets to your non- Muslim mates or neighbors to make then enjoy the Eid day along with you. Obviously the more you will spread your joy among the people making them to take part with your happy days activities, your joy will be increased surely.

Gifts from non Muslims to Muslim for Eid

If you are a non-Muslim and want to buy gifts for Eid to your Muslim friends then there is some suggestions given below for you.

  • You can buy your friend a bottle of nice holy scent what Muslims use when going for Eid Namaj (Eid prayer).
  • You can buy a cap to use at Prayer; it can be homemade or nicely designed.
  • If you are willing to spend a little more money, you can go for a Panjabi or any other dresses.
  • If you want to gift your Muslim office boss then Panjabi is the best choice.
  • If you just want to wish them on Eid then you can buy them a greeting card as you wish and write something from your heart and that will be happy.
  • Buy anything you want to gift to your Muslim friend that will surely make them happy as it shows you are giving importance to their religious festival.