How to celebrate Eid al adha

Eid ul adha is one of the two most favorite occasions of Muslims. They celebrate this day with a great joy and great arrangements. The day of Eid ul adha normally comes at the last day of Hajj, the 4th main basics of Islam held on Mecca. I’m telling you how to celebrate Eid al adha.

How all the Muslims celebrate?

Celebration before Eid

There is a big reason of celebrate comes before Eid and it is purchasing and looking after the Animal. There are arranged big bazaars (market) of Animal. People come and select their animals to be sacrificed. They do so within their limit of spending money. Some people are very rich and they choose big cows or camels or lambs, many people choose goats. They buy the animal and take then to their home few days ago and take care them .It’s very important to make a connection of heart with the animals because according to Islam which animal you are going to sacrifice it should be your loving one so that it may say a sacrifice.

 Celebration on the day of Eid ul Adha

On the day of Eid ul adha people celebrate the day with different activities including Eid ul Adha prayer and Qurbani (Sacrifice) of the animals. They have different categories of sweet and tasty foods. They go to their relative’s houses to meet them and to exchange greetings and wishes. They also donate money to the poor on this day after Eid prayer.

How non Muslims take part in this festival

There may a non Muslims be a friend of a Muslim. Then they would like to be invited or a part of the function with the Muslim friends. Muslim people always want to make other religious friends a part of their occasions. Both non Muslim and Muslim make the step to share their happiness. Muslims invite them to their house with different cards and gifts and non-Muslims also provide different types of gifts to their Muslim friends. Both go to their houses on Eid day and visit through town with their friends and throw party together.