Significance of Eid ul adha

Eid ul adha is very important and happy occasion for the entire Muslim. They strictly agreed with the significance of Eid ul adha and it is also a must (fard) for Muslim to keep believe on the main facts or every single facts related to Religion of Islam. The festival based on a great significant and important sacrifice based real incident. And Muslims carry the significance of Eid ul adha in their heart.

Why Eid ul adha is significant?

Past incidents related Eid ul adha is really very important to know and understand the significance of Eid ul adha. It’s so much significant because of its sacrificial history of dedication to the great Almighty Allah. It tells us that how much one can be dedicated to the greatest creator Allah that he was going to sacrifice his own son just because of he has seen in dream that Allah want a sacrifice of his most favorite thing. And nothing was most favorite than his son to him. So he was to sacrifice his son. And his son was another example of dedication that he is ready to give up of his own life for the Almighty.

As a milestone of Allah’s greatness

Prophet Abraham was ready to sacrifice as well his son Ishmael. But Allah didn’t want to take the precocious life of Ishmael .He was just taken a test of dedication of Abraham to Allah. And Abraham was qualified with full marks from Allah. Allah ordered to be sacrificing a camel in the place of Ishmael when the sharp knife was to take Ishmael’s life and a camel was sacrificed. Of course human life is much precious than a life of a camel.

Allah is Almighty

Here a symbol of Allah’s power was also given to the mankind. Allah never wants any harm of his creation but he always keep taking test of Muslims so that they remember Allah and be on the path of Islam and Islam is the way to solution of your every single problem in life.