Story of Eid ul adha

Eid ul adha is a very significant for all Muslims. There lies a great story behind the meaning of Eid ul adha. That is not a story but a real occurrence when Prophet Abraham showed his dedication to Allah beautifully and significantly.

Who are in the behind of the story of Eid ul adha

The main character who did the sacrifice was Prophet Abraham. His son Ishmael was also to sacrifice his own life in the name of Allah. Story of Eid ul adha or reality of Eid ul adha whatever you say is all based on these two peoples sacrifice.

Story of Eid ul adha

There the basic history related to Eid ul adha are described below.

Why Abram go to Mecca?

The story of Eid ul adha is based on the incident which proved Allah’s greatness. Prophet Abraham was ordered by Allah to put the foundation of Kaaba. Abraham got the order and started their journey to Macca with his son Ishmael and his wife.

Why he was to make the sacrifice?

When he was trying so hard to put the foundation of Kaaba at Mecca, he had to face different difficulties. Once Allah came in his dream and wanted to take a test of his dedication to Allah. He saw Allah was wishing a sacrifice from him which was his most loving thing. Then he decided to sacrifice his son and he told him. Ishmael was also very dedicated to Allah. He agreed without any delay.

What happened then?

At the moment when Abraham was to sacrifice his son for Allah, Allah get satisfied with his dedication and gave Ishmael a life and a camel was sacrificed in place of him.

When it became a festival of sacrifice?

The Muslim favorite Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) declared this day to celebrate the great moment and to keep alive this moment to the end of the earth. And every year it comes at the end of Hajj which is held every year at Mecca. At many countries they celebrate Eid ul adha at the same day of Mecca. But many countries like Bangladesh, India celebrate Eid ul adha next day of Mecca. It also depends on Moon.