Sunnah of Eid UL Adha

One of the important festivals, Eid-UL-Adha is memorialized for the readiness of Hazrat Ibrahim to pursue an Allah’s order to give up his beloved son Ishmael. Muslims from all over the world celebrate this event. Some of the Sunnah related to Eid-UL-Adha is given below:

  • To get up earlier than normal routine days.
  • Make use of the Miswaak for brushing your teeth.
  • Take Ghusal (Bath).
  • Have your dressing according to Islamic rules and regulations.
  • Wear one of your finest dress, but it doesn’t meant to be a new one.
  • Make use of Attar or perfume for fragrance.
  • Go to an open place known as Eidgah for Eid Prayer and reached there by walking as every step is rewarded.
  • Holy Prophet would recite Sura Ala in the first rak’ah of Eid Namaz (Salaah) and in the next or second rak’ah he recited Suratul Ghathia.
  • After the completion of Eid prayer, Holy prophet (SAW) used to stand in such a way as to face people who were sitting in their rows and conveyed them Khutba regarding the principles and guidelines for being good in their deeds and actions. This Khutba is Sunnah but it is Waajib for all Muslims to hear it.
  • Another Sunnah related to this event of happiness is to shake hands and hug each other is Mubaah (Allowed). The term Mubaah is not used in sense to make it obligatory and inseparable part of the event as it leads to make an incorrect image of our religion.