Fasting in Shawwal 2014

In twelve Islamic months Shawwal is 10th of the most important months. Every year Muslim community observes this month with great importance. In observance of Shawwal month Muslims especially Sunni Muslims fast for six days on this month which is a common ritual for almost every Muslim country.

When is the Fasting in Shawwal in 2014?

Fasting in Shawwal will be started on Tuesday, 29th July in 2014 and it will end on Tuesday, 26th August in 2014.

Why Fasting in Shawwal is important?

6 day Fasting in Shawwal month is very much important to Muslim community. It is begin from 2nd day of Shawwal. Sunni Muslims believe that this fasting is mandatory for them. They also believed that 6 day fasting in Shawwal month is more rewarding and they will be rewarded as they fast for whole month. Fasting in Shawwal month is highly recommended but not mandatory.

How Fasting in Shawwal is observed?

Fasting in Shawwal is observed with great important by Muslim community of the world every year. There are no specific days for observing 6 day fasting in Shawwal month. After 1Shawwal which is Eid-ul-Fitr, Muslims are allowed to start observing 6 day fasting.

Rules of Shawwal Fasting

It is not important to observe fasting continuous 6 days. Muslims can choose any 6 day during whole Shawwal month to observe fast. That means interruption in fasting for 6 days does not matter. At midnight Muslims eat something heavy to observe fast for whole day. Thay are obliged to finish eating before sun rise. Fasting started from early morning that is before rising sun (Fazr Azan or morning prayer of Muslims) and it breaks after sun set (Magrib Azan or evening prayer of Muslims). Muslims who observe fast are not allowed to eat or drink anything in whole day before sun set. After sun set normally they break their fast with water or dates.


Shawwal is the 10th Islamic month and very significant month of Islam. Fasting on this month is the most important to observe Shawwal month. It is highly recommended to Muslim community and they observe 6 days fasting on this important month to be rewarded by Almighty Allah.