Jumada-al-Thani 2014

Jumada-al-Thani is one of the most significant months of Islamic calendar. There are total 12 months in Islamic calendar and Jumada-al-Thani is 6th Islamic month. Muslim countries of the world observe this month in different way.

When is the Jumada-al-Thani in 2014?

Jumada-al-Thani will be observed on 1st April of 2014. Jumada-al-Thani months will be started on 1st April and this month will end on 29th April of 2014.

Why Jumada-al-Thani is Important?

Jumada-al-Thani is important for some especially events which occurred on this month. On this month birth and death of Fatima, daughter of Holy Prophet Mohammad occurred. Moreover, Ali has received victory on Battle of Jamal and death of Umm ul-Banin & Caliph Abu Bakr occurred on this month. For these events Jumada-al-Thani is important and significant month for Muslim community of the world.

How Jumada-al-Thani is observed?

Different countries of the world observe Jumada-al-Thani in different ways. Many countries arrange mourning procession to observe death of Fatima on this month. Some countries arrange especial dua mahfil to observe Jumada-al-Thani.

Special Occurances of Jumada-al-Thani Month

3 Jumada-al-Thani

On 3 Jumada-al-Thani two important events had occurred. One is the death of Fatimah and other is death of Harun al Rashid. Fatimah was the daughter of Holy and Last Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W). Harun al Rashid was the 5th Abbasid Khalif of Islam.

10 Jumada-al-Thani

On 10 Jumada-al-Thani Ali received victory on the Battle of Jamal which took place at Iraq in 656. Battle of Jamal also known as Battle of Bassorah.

13 Jumada-al-Thani

Death of Umm ul-Banin occurred on 13 Jumada al-Thani. She was the 2nd wife of Ali, cousin and son-in-law of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W).

20 Jumada-al-Thani

20 Jumada-al-Thani is the birth day of the Fatimah, daughter of Holy Prophet Mohammad, first wife of Ali. She is one of the most important personalities for Muslim community of the world.

22 Jumada-al-Thani

On 22 Jumada-al-Thani death of Caliph Abu Bakr occurred. Abu Bakr was the father-in-law of Holy Prophrt of Islam Mohammad (S.A.W).


Like other Islamic month Jumada-al-Thani is also a very important and significant Islamic month for the Muslim community of all over the world. Many special and important events occurred on different dates of Jumada-al-Thani. Muslims of the world observe this month with religious