Jumu’ah – Jumuahtul Widah

Jumuah-tul-Wida (Arabic: جمعة الوداع‎ meaning Friday of farewell, also called al-Jumu’ah al-Yatimah Arabic: الجمعة اليتيمة‎ or orphaned Friday) occurs on the last Friday in the month of Ramadan before Eid-ul-Fitr.

When is Jumuahtul Widah in 2014? (Jumu’ah)

The month of Ramadan will prevail in 2014 from 28th June to 27th July. The last Friday of the month of Ramadan fall on the 25nd of July. So, the Jumuahtul Widah in 2014 will be held on Friday afternoon, the 27nd of July.

Observance of Jumuahtul Widah (Jumu’ah)

Jumuahtul widah is the Jumuah prayer of the month of Ramadan which is observed on the last Friday of the month of Ramadan.

The month of Ramadan has been emphasizes as most holy month of the year and the Jumuah prayers are also very significant in this month. The last Friday of Ramadan is the most important Jumuah prayer. The Jumuahtul Widah has been indicated as an important prayer for the Muslims. The month of Ramadan is the month to achieve mercy and to achieve closeness of Allah and so do the Jumuah prayers of this month. The last Jumuah is the most bless full Friday of the month of Ramadan.

Jumuahtul widah has no different method of praying. This is the same salat that is performed in Jumuah prayer. On this day, Muslims pray to Allah for the peace and happiness for all over the world. They also pray and wish to Allah so that they can get the next Ramadan and pass the month with worship. Usually Muslim communities observe the Jumuahtul Widah in great respect and special prayer for the whole Muslim community of the world.

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