Milad un Nabi 2014

Mawlid al-Nabi also known as Eid e Miladun Nabi and Milad un Nabi refers to the birth of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (SM). Mawlid al Nabi is an Arabic word and generally means the “birth of the Prophet”. Mawlid al-Nabi occurs in the month of Rabi’ al-awwal, the third month of the Islamic calendar.

When is Mawlid al-Nabi 2014?

Mawlid al-Nabi will be observed on Tuesday the 14th January, 2014. As the Islamic dates start after the sunset, Mawlid al Nabi will begin after the sunset on 13th January and end on 14th January evening.

According to the Islamic calendar, Mawlid al-Nabi occurs on the 12th Rabi’ al-awwal. Although the Islamic dates come on the same date every year but these dates vary on the Gregorian calendar each year because Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar and Gregorian is a solar calendar.

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Muhammad (SM) was born in 570 AD in Makka, Saudi Arabia. He was born in Quraysh tribe, the then most prestigious and influential tribe in Arab. He is the last prophet of Islam sent by Allah form the beginning of mankind. The first verse of holy Quran was reveled upon Muhammad (SM) from the almighty Allah at his age of 40. After establishing Islam in the Arab peninsula and thus all over the world, Muhammad (SM) passed away on 630 AD.

Public celebration of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (SM) was not started immediate after his passing away but occurred after four centuries, probably originated from the Persian region. The observance of the birth of Muhammad (SM) was started in late twelfth century.

Mawlid started to be observed to the vast scale populace of the mass people in Cairo around the thirteenth century and soon spread to the other part of the Muslim World. These celebrations are currently recognized as a part of one of the more official occasions around the Muslim population.


Several Muslim countries in the world observe this day in a festive mode. In some countries this is a public holiday such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and many other Muslim countries except Saudi Arabia. Mawlid al Nabi is not a public holiday in Saudi Arabia.

Several Muslim countries observe Mawlid al Nabi in a festive manner. Large street parades are organized; homes and mosques are decorated with colorful lightings and banners. Charity and food are distributed to the poor people. Mosques and social communities organize special prayer; narrate and praise about the ideology and teaching of Muhammad (SM) to pay the utmost honor to him.