Muharram 2014

Muharram (Arabic: المحرّم) is the first month of Islamic/Hijri calendar. This month is very significant for the Muslims because, in this month some remarkable event happened in the Islamic history.

When is Muharram in 2014?

The first date of the month of Muharram in Hijri calendar is on Saturday, the 25th October and will continue until Saturday, 22nd November, 2014  (depending on the sight of the moon).

Since the Islamic days start from the sunset, the month of Muharram will be started from the sunset of Friday, the 24th October and prevail until the sunset of Saturday, the 22nd November. This date is also applicable for North America. Read more about Islamic calendar 

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Historical events in Muharram month

On 61 Hijri (680 AD), Imam Husayn ibn Ali, a grandson of the Prophet Muhammed (SM) entered into the city of Karbala (in Iraq) with his army in 1st Muharram.

Yazid restricted the accesses of water to Imam Imam Husayn ibn Ali on the 7th Muharram.

Imam Husayn ibn Ali was martyred and his army was defeated on 10th Muharram.

How Muslims observe this month

There is no instruction to observe New Year in Islam. Muslims observe Ashura in this month on 10th Muharram which is the anniversary of the death of Imam Husayn ibn Ali. Do fasting is also common in this month. Muslims usually fast from 1st to 10th Muharram or on 1st and 10th Muharram to observe this month.

Shia Muslims arrange remembrance parade to commemorate the day of 10th Muharram, particularly in Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon and Pakistan.

In some Muslims countries, 10th Muharram is declared public holiday such as in Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, The United Arab Emirates. In Australia, Canada, UK or USA, it is not a public holiday.

Significance of Muharram

The word Muharram derives from the word haraam which means “sinful”. In this month, fighting is forbidden. This month has been indicated as one of the four holy months for the Muslims. The judgment day will occur in the month of Muharram as mentioned in the holy Quran.