Rabi al-awwal 2014

In an Islamic calendar there are 12 Islamic months and Rabi al-awwal is the 3rd month of them. Rabi al-awwal month is considered as one of the most holy and blessed month of Islam as on this month both birth and death of Holy Prophet of Islam Mohammad (S.A.W) has occurred. Muslim community of all over the world observe this month as a religious event with proper respect.

When is the Rabi al-awwal in 2014?

Rabi al awwal month started from Thursday, 2nd January of 2014 and it will be end on Saturday, 1st February of 2014.

Why Rabi al-awwal is Important?

Rabi al awwal is important to every Muslim of the world as many important and significant Islamic events have occurred on this month. But this month is especially important because on this month both birth and death of Holy Prophet and most important personality of Islam Mohammad (S.A.W) occurred.

How Rabi al-awwal is observed?

Observance of Rabi al-awwal started from the 1st day of Rabi al-awwal month and it continues for whole month. Muslims of all countries put lights and green flags on streets, home and mosques. Muslims of some countries arrange procession on Rabi al-awwal month. All Muslims tries to do as much as good acts as they considered this month as one of the most blessed one. Their good acts include distributing and donating money and feeding poor.

Special Dates of Rabi al-awwal

6 Rabi al-awwal

On 6 Rabi al-awwal death of great personality of Islam Hazrat Khawaja Allah Bakhsh Abbasi Naqshbandi was occurred.

8 Rabi al-awwal

On 8 Rabi al-awwal death of the important eagure of Islam and 11th of Twelver Imam Hasan al-Akhsari also known as Hasan ibn Ali ibn Mohammad was occurred.

9 Rabi al-awwal

9 Rabi al-awwal is important for the Islamic event Eid e shuja also known as Eid e Zahra observed by the Shia Muslims as Eid day.

12 Rabi al-awwal

12 Rabi al-awwal is observed as the birth anniversary of most important figure, great and last Prophet of Islam Mohammad (S.A.W) especially by Sunni Muslims.

17 Rabi al-awwal

17 Rabi al-awwal is also observed as the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) by Shai Muslims. 17 Rabi al-awwal is important for birth anniversary of another great figure of Islam Shia Imam, Jafar al-Sadiq.

18 Rabi al-awwal

On 18 Rabi al-awwal birth of Umm Khultum bint Ali was occurred. She was the grand-draughter of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) and 4th daughter of last Caliph Ali & Fatimah, daughter of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W).

26 Rabi al-awwal

26 Rabi al-awwal is the death anniversary of two important personalities of Islam Abu Talib ibn Abdul Muttalib, uncle of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) and Khawaja Shirajuddin Nakhshbandi, a Nakhshbandi sufi shaykh.


Rabi al awwal month is regarded as one of the most significant, sacred and blessed months of Islamic calendar. Muslim community of the world observe this month with religious mood especially for the most important event of Islam that is birth anniversary of prophet Mohammad (S.A.W).