Rabī’ al-Thān 2014

Rabi al-than also known as Rabi al-Akhir is the 4th important months of total 12 months of Islamic calendar. Like other Islamic months Rabi al-Than is also holds great importance to Muslim community of all over the world. Muslim world observe the events that occurred on this month with proper respect.

When is the Rabi al-than in 2014?

Rabi al-than will be observed on Saturday, 1st February of 2014. Rabi al-than month will be started on Saturday, 1st February of 2014 and it will end on Saturday, 1st March of 2014.

Why Rabi al-Than is Important?

Rabi al-Than is important for some Islamic events that occurred on this month. On this month Hasan al-Akhsari has taken birth. Moreover, death of Fatimah al-Masumah and Hazrat Shaykh Abdul Qadir Gilani also occurred on the month of Rabi al-Than. That is why Rabi al-Than hold special importance to Muslims.

How Rabi al-Than is observed?

Like other Islamic month Rabi al-Than also observed with great solemnity and religious favor by Muslim community all over the world. Almost all Muslims of the world observe fasting on this month. Some Muslim countries arrange special procession on Rabi al-than. They pray for whole night, recite Holy Quran, donate money to mosque and feed poor. Along with this Muslim community observe this month by doing other good acts.

Special Dates of Rabi al-Than

8 Rabi al-Than

8 Rabi al-Than is the birth anniversary of the eleventh of Twelver Imam Hasab ibn Ali ibn Mohammad also known as Hasan al-Akhsari. There is confusion about the date. Some Muslim believes that the birth anniversary is on the 10 Rabi al-Than.

10 Rabi al-Than

Death of Fatimah al-Musamah also known as Fatimah bint Musa al-Kadhim was occurred on 10 Rabi al-Than though some believes that the date is 12 Rabi al-Than. She was the daughter of Twelver Imam Musa al-Kadhim.

12 Rabi al-Than

12 Rabi al-Than is the death anniversary of Sufi Hazrat Shaykh Abdul Qadir Gilani (R.A). He is considered as the saint of saints by Muslim community.


Rabi al-Than is the 4th months of Islamic calendar. Rabi al-Than month is also known as Rabi al Akhir in some countries. On this month some important and significant Islamic events were occurred. That is why Rabi al-Than holds important to Muslim community and they observe this month with proper respect and honor.