Safar 2014

Safar is the 2nd month of Islamic calendar which literally means empty. It also means Whistling of Winds. After Moharram month Safar month comes. Safar month is one of the most important and significant months of Islam. Like other Islamic month Muslims also observes Safar month with religious favor.

When is the Safar in 2014?

Safar month will be observed on Sunday, 23rd November in 2014. Safar month will be started on Sunday, 23rd November and it will end on Monday, 22nd December in 2014.

Why Safar is Important?

Safar is important for some important Islamic events that occurred on this month. Birth and death of many Islamic scholars and important personalities of Islam occurred on Safar month. Apart from this many important figure becomes martyrs on this month, for which Safar holds more importance to Muslim community.

How Safar is observed?

There are no specific rules for observing Safar month. Muslim community of the world observe this month in their way. Most of the Muslims observe fasts on Safar month to be rewarded more by Great Allah. Some of them arrange special procession on this month. Other Muslims observes Safar month as other Islamic months by praying, reciting Quran, donating money and feed to poor.

Special Dates on Safar

1 Safar

On 1 Safar prisoners of Karbala, located in Iraq where Battle of Karbala occurred entered Yazid’s palace located in Seria.

6 Safar

On 6 Safar Sukayna bint Husayn received martyrdom. She was the youngest daughter of Husayn ibn Ali & Rubab and also a prisoner of Karbala.

13 Safar

On 13 Safar daughter of Husayn ibn Ali & Rubab named Sukayna bint Husayn was died. She was a prisoner of Karbala.

20 Safar

20 Safar is the day of Arbaeen or Chelelom, the fortieth day after Ashura (10th day of Moharram month). It is a religious observance specially observed by the Shia Muslims.

23 Safar

23 Safar is the birth anniversary of Imam Baqir, one of the most important personalities of Islam.

27 Safar

27 Safar is the day of Hijrah (Migration) of Mohammad (S.A.W) from Makkah to Madinah.

28 Safar

According to Shia Twelver Muslims 28 Safar is the death of Muhammad Mustafa (S.A.W). It is also the day on which Imam Hasan ibn Ali, grandson of Mohammad (S.A.W) received martyrdom. He was the 5th Caliph of Islam.


Safar is 2nd of the most important months of Islamic calendar. Like other Islamic months Safar also holds importance and significance to Muslim community. Muslims of the world observe this month every year in religious mood.