Sha’aban 2014

There are total twelve months in Islamic calendar and all of those months are important in their way. Shaaban is 8th month of those twelve months and this month is also a very important and significant month for Muslims.

When is the Sha’aban in 2014?

Sha’aban will be observed on Saturday, 31st May of 2014. Sha’aban months will be started on 31st May and this year  will end on 28th June of 2014.

Why Sha’aban is Important?

Sha’aban month is important because many important events occurred on this month. Birth and death of many important personality of Islam occurred on Sha’aban month. Sha’aban month is especially important for the Holy event of Islam “Lailat al-Baraat”.

How Sha’aban is observed?

Sha’aban is the welcoming month of Ramadan month. That is why Muslim community observes this month especially. Along with special prayer, dua and donation Muslims of all over the world keep fast on this whole month. Especially on 15th day of Sha’aban month which is Laitat al-Barat Muslim world keep fast compulsorily. Sha’aban month is considered as one of the most blessed and auspicious month of Islam which is observed with proper solemnity by whole Muslim world.

Special Occurrences of Sha’aban Month

1 Sha’aban

1 sha’aban is the birth day of a great personality of Islam Zaynab bint Ali. Zaynab bint Ali was one of the grand-daughters of Holy Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W), daughters of last Caliph Ali and Fatimah.

3 Sha’aban

3 Sha’abab is the birth day of another important personality of Islam Husayn ibn Ali. Husayn ibn Ali was the grandson of last and Holy Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W), son of last Caliph Ali and Fatimah.

4 Sha’aban

4 Sha’aban is the birth day of Abbas ibn Ali. Abbas ibn Ali was the son of last Caliph Ali and Fatimah bint Hizamal-kilabiyyah, half brother of Husayn ibn Ali.

5 Sha’aban

5 Rajab is the birth day of Ali ibn Husayn and death day of Hazrat Fizza. Ali ibn Husayn was the great-grandson of Holy Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W). And Hazrat Fizza was the hand maiden of Fatimah, daughter of Mohammad (S.A.W).

7 Sha’aban

7 Sha’aban is the birth day of Qasim ibn Hasan. Qasim ibn Hasan was the son of Imam Hasan ibn Ali and Umm Farwa. He was also grandson of last Caliph of Islam Ali ibn Abi Talib.

8 Sha’aban

8 Sha’aban is the death anniversary of Khawja Abdul Gaffar Nakshbandi alias Pir Mitha.

11 Sha’aban

11 Sha’aban is the birth day of Ali al-Akbar. Ali al-Akbar was the son of Husayn ibn Ali, 3rd Shia Imam and his wife Umm Layla.

15 Sha’aban

15 Sha’aban is the Lailat al-Barat, one of the most important occasion of Islam. Night of Lailat al-Barat is considered as the “Night of Prayer” which is observed by the Muslim community of the world with proper respect and solemnity.

15 Sha’aban is also the birth day of Muhammad al-Mahdi, the last Twelver Imam.

22 Sha’aban

22 Sha’aban is the death anniversary of the Khawja Muhammad Usman Damani. He was one of the most prominent scholars of Islam and expert of Naqshbandi tradition.

27 Sha’aban

27 is the birth day of Sayyad Laal Shah Hamdani, another one of the most prominent scholars of Islam and experts of Naqshbandi tradition.


Sha’aban is 8th of the twelve important months of Islamic calendar. There are many important and significant events that occurred on this holy month. But the most important event of Sha’aban is Laikat al-Barat and Muslim world observe this event with proper solemnity and religious favor.